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Updated 2024/02/26: Story update! Life in Exile is now available to view!

Updated 2024/02/26: Story update! Out of Electricopolis is now available to view!

Updated 2024/02/02: Story update! The Secret Subway is now available to view!

About Electricopolis

In the middle of a dry, dusty valley ringed with mountains as far as the eye can see, there's a city that rises from of the ground and juts miles into the air. It's an enormous structure, tiered like a wedding cake: on the bottom are the indoor farms, maintenance tunnels and generators, in the middle are the residential districts, and on the very top, open to the air and glittering with lights, is the top tier. The rich 1% live there, and they party, party, party. Welcome to Electricopolis.

TALES FROM ELECTRICOPOLIS is a collection of stories about those who live in this walled city, existing by itself, concerned only with itself. These stories primarily focus on the employees of the Top Tier Electric Company, the brain and backbone of the city, and the celebrities they employ as part of their subsidiary, Zap! Entertainment. For an overview of the stories, please check out the Story Index, and for a description of the cast, please check the Characters page.

About the Creator

Electricopolis is written and illustrated by Pauli Kohberger, except where otherwise noted. They are an artist, writer and teacher based out of Columbia, Maryland. For business inquiries or just to talk, please feel free to email at pkohberger@gmail.com. If you'd like to see an expanded art and writing portfolio, you can view it at portfolio.electricopolis.net.

Please enjoy everything that the residents of Electricopolis have to offer!

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