Stories from the Midnight City

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Season 1

Shock 'Til You Drop - Alice Lang, mild and meek, goes onto Bob Sparker's game show to try her luck. But this show's called "Shock 'Til You Drop," and the host straps his contestants down in his electric chair to see how much they can take! The higher the voltage, the higher the payout. But don't worry, viewers, it's 100% safe...and that's a guarantee.

Bad Memories - Samuel Gale is a junior foreman at the electric company, working on the town's generators deep in the dark. One day he sees an old classmate on TV, and recognizes him as his old friend Robbie...though now, everyone calls him Bob Sparker. Looks like it's time for some catching up--you know, between friends.

Kim Meets Cottonmouth - A script from Cowboy Kim's radio show, Cowboy Kim's Tales of the West, featuring the first appearance of recurring villain Cottonmouth (played by Bob Sparker).

Bob Sparker in Hospital - Margaret King, heiress to the electric company, hears that her best friend's been rushed to the hospital with a nasty overdose of electric shock. When she arrives, she finds that Bob's in a way worse state than she thought. Unfortunately, his doctor's not much better.

The Pool - A brief glimpse at the only swimming pool in the city, and the precious few who are allowed to use it. Illustrated by Leanza Garcia (portfolio).

Voice on the Radio - Ever since the mysterious Miss Information started running her pirate radio show, Electricopolis' entertainment industry has been caught in scandal after scandal. Scathing gossip, breaking news, half-truths and outright falsehoods--this lady does it all. When Top Tier's brass attempts to corral her, she decides to hit 'em where it hurts most: their #1 primetime earner.

The Toast of Electricopolis - Early in Bob's career, he's invited to the annual Top Tier Electric Co. winter party. Everyone who's everyone in Top Tier's stable is there: himself, established musician and producer J. Jam, the boss Percy King and his daughter Margaret, and a couple of other stars besides. Being in the middle of so much glamour and glitz would make anyone dizzy, but Bob has to keep on his toes...people expect a lot from him tonight.

Trouble Patient - A record of Bob Sparker's hospital visits, from Dr. Eustace Flask's personal files.

Season 2

Bob Sparker in Paradise - After the events of Voice on the Radio, Bob Sparker's faith in the man he works for is shaken to the core. Dazed and disillusioned, he wanders through the city until he comes across the Paradise Hotel, owned by a rival of Top Tier's. With its beautiful colors, its lavish greenery and its seductive atmosphere, life in Paradise seems almost too good to be true. Illustrated partially by cole-suave (tumblr).

what scares me - Bob and Jam have a little talk together about the nature of the company they work for.

Speed Demon - Bob, Jam and Margaret go out for a midnight joyride. But so is someone else, who targets our trio on the coiling highways that circle the city walls. Illustrated by Michael Stearns (twitter).

Thunder Dance - A thunderstorm comes to Electricopolis. How could Bob Sparker let a chance like this pass him by?

what scares me pt. 2 - Margaret and Percy have their own conversation about fear. A companion piece to "what scares me."

The Game Show Killer - After the events of Bob Sparker in Paradise, our hero feels untouchable, but a mysterious masked man appears to conquer every game show in Electricopolis. Can he withstand the gauntlet of Bob's show? And who exactly is he, anyway?

Season 3

Bob Sparker and the Static Addicts - A Halloween 2022 special! One October earlier in Bob Sparker's career, he and fellow entertainer Kelly 'Cowboy' Kim have a talk about fan clubs. Kim had one; Bob wants one. And a fan club Bob Sparker gets, although he might wish he hadn't...

Sparker Reborn - Following the events of The Game Show Killer, Bob Sparker has a new lease on life and a determination to change the exploitative practices of Electricopolis. But even with his friends by his side, fighting the system isn't as easy as it looks.

The Blackout - Something seems to have caused a citywide blackout, and Top Tier Electric Co. is claiming Bob Sparker is to blame!

The Secret Subway - Bob and Jam descend under the surface of the city to lay low. While there, they make a most peculiar discovery...and a shocking betrayal takes place.

Out of Electricopolis - Stuck together on the secret subway, Bob Sparker and his ex-boss Percy King are headed for somewhere beyond the dusty valley and the shadowed mountains.

New! Life in Exile - Bob and Percy adjust to their new normal.