Game: Purify App

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Download for Windows
Download for Mac

[UPDATE: some people running Mac OS X have been reporting problems with the Mac version, which is code-signed by Leon. You might want to try using this unsigned version here and seeing if it works.]

“…i actually feel kind of better after running the purify app. My God.”  -@Yourinternetdad
“it is a really good app & performs as advertised.” -@chasm_void

Recently I read a spooky story that was so spooky that I immediately grabbed a bowl, put some salt into it, and sprinkled it around my house in an effort to purify it. I think it worked–I felt better afterwards, anyway. “But I read the story on my laptop,” I said to myself. “How am I going to purify that?

Well, now there’s a way! Use Purify to quickly and simply cleanse your computer of any ill feelings or bad vibes induced by late-night scary stories, horror movies, photos of people giving you the evil eye, etc.

Concept and graphics are by me. Technical stuff was done by my good friend Anna Anthropy with assistance and a Mac port from another good friend, Leon Arnott. Thank you so much, you two!

Sounds are from There are full credits in the readme.

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