Game: Starlight Club (Demo)

For Klik of the Month Klub (a 2-hour game jam on the second Sat. of every month) I sat down and burned through part of this hostess club game I’m making! 
I was looking at information for Cinderellife, Level-5’s new hostess club RPG where the hostesses interview anime characters, and I was like, well, there should be a game that’s a lot like this, except instead of making small talk you peg the guys. Pegging, specifically, because I like the idea of men going to a club that puts control in the hands of the ladies who entertain them, you know? So I wrote the hostess herself (whom you can name, but whose default name is Jessica) to be pretty aggressive, even when she’s ostensibly being “demure.”
Anyway, there’s no art yet, but there is a lecherous doctor that you can entertain–or not entertain, if you don’t think he’s deserved it. The full game will have three clients instead of one, so go ahead and give it a go. I’ll probably end up rewriting some of this, but hopefully you guys will enjoy it!
Play the demo of Starlight Club here! If it weren’t obvious from the description, this is a pornographic game, so if that’s not your thing, don’t click. A bunch of other talented folks also made some really great games, so you can check those out here too!
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